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Defining Business Development

Business Development

business [biz-nis] development [di-vel-uhp-muhnt]. Noun. expansion, elaboration, growth, evolution; unfolding, opening, maturing, maturation.

Business development combines strategic analysis, marketing outreach, and lead generation. These two words encompass everything from creation of the sales process to the packaging and combining of products and services, to the generation of sales leads, sales introductions, and, at times, negotiating deals.

The primary role in this area is to identify new business opportunities. That identification could mean pinpointing new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets. It could also mean taking a fresh approach to sales development, based on inputs not previously considered from internal or external resources. At times, business development is just setting up the steps to have interactions that could lead to sales.

Aspectx will evaluate where you are at in your sales cycle, intelligently review your entire plan of action in sales, and make recommendations through a time-tested process of evaluation and assessment. Dependent on the size of your team and the duration of your sales cycles, we can craft new sales processes that address what clients care about; identify the sales introductions of value; and show you what is truly next in your industry that your team can use now.

Sales Assessment

Every institution and business faces a need to review and assess what is working for or against the sales cycle, and what value proposition, what branding, what mix of sales techniques could make the difference.

Sales Training

We can create a modular approach to motivating and inspiring your team into a higher level of productivity and advancement.

Sales Introductions

Aspectx team members can show you how we can connect your dots and ours for the meetings that can have a lasting impact on your bottom line. We show you how to identify the key clients, and the path to successful outreach.