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Competitive Intelligence

Aspectx assists you in taking the steps to understand your competitors and the marketplace in a changing world.

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Public Relations

Our approach to public relations manages communities of interest for engagement and understanding.

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Public Policy

Aspectx provides a global perspective on your public policy needs with a focus on actionable items.

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Web Technologies

We understand that digital transformation comes from web strategy and building your brand.

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Business Strategy

Business strategy covers a wide breadth of subjects, and we provide building blocks so you can enjoy productive meetings where concepts and “the big picture” are in place for drill-down tactical discussions.

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Marketing & Branding

Illluminating best practices and giving oversight in designing your reputation management, graphic communications, and knowing when to get the word out remain core tactics at Aspectx.

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Grant Writing

When the vision has to match the deadline and give insight to a plan, Aspectx team members know what to do.


The greatest need in the digital age, and our newest field of specialization.

Thought Leadership

Our areas of expertise
Informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in our fields of expertise.

When you hire a consultant, you want someone who is the best in their field. Someone who is on the cutting edge of current trends in their fields of expertise. When you want the go-to gurus of industry on your team, you want Aspectx.

At Aspectx, we embrace a culture of learning, and immerse ourselves in our respective fields.

We promise nothing less to our clients than the most up-to-date and informed advice, strategies, and information. To guarantee this promise, we work with other industry experts, and welcome a second point of view.

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A Passion for Applied Ingenuity

Dawn Yankeelov

The firm was founded in 1989, by Dawn Marie Yankeelov, moving her career from daily journalism into solving real-world dilemmas that require marketing, business development and strategic vision.

In 2011, Ms. Yankeelov presented at the International Public Relations Society of America Conference on “Top 10 Ways to Remarketify Products and Services for Greater Success," and in 2010 on “Customer Retention: Learn Critical Factors for Maintaining Online Commerce Success.” For seven years, Ms. Yankeelov spoke on various topics at the International Virtual Communities Conference held then in Europe by Infonortics, Ltd. She also contributed to the American Bar Association's Emerging Businesses Series for 2005 and 2010, handbooks for those companies in growth sectors.

Honors and Awards


Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky
Founder, Chair and Executive Director
2013 - Present


Tech Councils of America


Computing Technology Industry Association

International PRSA

Technology Section
Chair Emeritus

Venture Connectors of Louisville

2004 to Present

Health Enterprise Network

HeN Ambassador

Landmark Education

Cincinnati region
Course Supervisor


National Association of Women Business Owners
Women Business Owner of the Year, Nominee

Lomenta Foundation

2013 to Present

Louisville CIO Series

Organizing Committee Member

University of Louisville

Geriatrics Advisory Board

Our Mission

U.S.-based Aspectx specializes in business strategy, competitive intelligence, marketing, public policy, and public relations for growth technology companies, and technology-driven corporations.

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