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Defining Technology Solutions

Web Technology Solutions

pl. n.
With 24/7 access to companies via the web, information needs to be delivered in real time, dynamic databases must be integrated, and web content must be transferable, from legacy systems to laptops to handheld devices. The time to review existing web strategies is now, as the technology changes so rapidly.

Using Web Technologies

Today's best bet is transparency with your business and 24/7 service for clientele. Performance can often be accomplished best through the full use of web services and applications-orient technologies.

Web Development

Aspectx team members are seasoned in web development, which may include ecommerce, database-driven infrastructures, search, semantic tecnhnologies, social media, and other Web 3.0 tools. Give us your objectives and we will work with you to move your project forward.

Anatomy of A Technology Launch: A Web of Activity

Your web-based technology, software solution or device-oriented products require intensive preparation for market launches, including competitive intelligence, business planning, identifing demographics, and often distribution channels through business development. Aspectx can provide this support on retainer or by project to insure that your "cutting-edge" technology is understood and recommended in appropriate targeted markets. Since we continue to synthesize and digest the latest in technology trends for our clients who use technology for business-to-business interactions, we are uniquely positioned to discuss the "big picture" and prepare market strategies.
Check out our Twitter, and Facebook feeds. Our Founder, Dawn Marie Yankeelov, regularly researches and keep abreast of online activity related to social media, healthcare IT, wireless technologies, cloud computing, real-time search, data mining, and IT security, to name a few.
Through our reports and briefings, we can get you the knowledge to get off the ground and stay afloat, within budget and maintaining brand objectives.