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Aspectx Ink


Part of Sales & Marketing Success Seminar Series. Presented By Dawn Marie Yankeelov, President of Aspectx; Oct. 20th at One Southern Indiana offices, Location: Clark Memorial Hospital, 1220 Missouri Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN 47130; 8 to 9:30 AM. Register by calling (812) 945-0266, Lynne Brannon; Free for Members of One Southern Indiana.  $25.

Business Development is not an ancillary function in your business dayâ€"it is the primary reason you rise and greet the day at the office.  No matter what your role, you are always in business development.  This means that every person you know, your contacts, and your new acquaintances, can get you where you want to go.

In the field of commerce, the specialist area of business development comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities which aim at gaining new customers and at penetrating existing markets. Techniques used include:

* assessment of marketing opportunities and target markets

* intelligence gathering on customers and competitors

* generating leads for possible sales

* advising on, drafting and enforcing sales policies and processes

* follow-up sales activity

* formal proposal or presentation management and writing

* pitch and presentation rehearsals

* business model design

How do you formulate a plan for getting on with this part of your business life?  Can business development be fun?  Can you get what you want without becoming a hawker or robot with standard slogans and lines?

Come and explore what strategies in business development work?  How can you leverage people and information you already know? And what types of alliances can help get you to a chance to close new sales.

You are the channel for your successâ€"no one else.

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