April 23, 2017

Business Strategy

At Aspectx, we specialize in four areas of Business Strategy: Startup Coaching, Corporate Planning Afternoons, Project Management, and Training.

Our marketing and communications firm understands that you are a busy executive and often could use an extra hand on deck to assist in thinking through the best approaches to moving the company forward. Aspectx breaks this type of business strategy work into key areas of focus, and can certainly work with you on your specific requests for strategic planning support.


Business Strategy

Business strategy covers a wide breadth of subjects, and we provide building blocks so you can enjoy productive meetings where concepts and "the big picture" are in place for drill-down tactical discussions.  There are times your team may require more best practice review, industry perspective specific to your products or services, or really wish to learn more about the demographics of your target audience.  We provide clear communications to make sure that digital and technology innovations paint a backdrop for your next steps.  We work in a variety of capacities to satisfy your need for support and structure.

Startup Consulting and Coaching

We Love Startups

For more than 20 years we have been listening to our clients' vision and plans to build technology platforms, new mainline products, and new services designed with digital audiences in mind.  We investigate and understand your channels in our process of counsel, and we love working through the innovation and invention cycles that make a road map for your company's future.  We customize how this working relationship can be crafted, and we acknowledge your budget planning. Startup consulting and coaching remains a specialty, and we have more than 30 years experience in managing these cycles of growth, from seed round through to third round funding and even beyond.

Every stage of business development remains integral in leading to your channel development for growth and a return on investment (ROI.)  As your chief marketing team of counsel, we can provide the experience and vision of process management that can lead to a higher range of productivity and forward motion.

Corporate Planning Afternoons

We Love Corporate Planning Afternoons

At Aspectx, we know that bring the team together under a third-party facilitation can lead to greater work collaboration and productivity.  Your team may need to sync up and find out that their departments can be on the same page.  There may be a need for hearing a departmental head out, or visioning the next steps on a critical company-wide project.

Whatever your specific objective, at Aspectx, we will envision a productive afternoon that allows for information-sharing from our team to inform your team's day-to-day operations. We can whiteboard ideas with your groups, and determine valid paths forward via recommendations and reports.  We can work out sticky situations that need some facilitation from an outside point-of-view.  And, we can bring creativity, fun and adventure to tasks that may be daunting or foundational.

Why not let us structure a corporate planning afternoon or two with you to reach your objectives?  Together with your vision and our problem-solving, and experience in thought leadership areas, we can make sense of a bright future.

Project Management

At Aspectx, project management becomes a commitment to completion for you and your teams.  We will be honest, and trustworthy in our confidential counsel. We sign your NDA and begin to assist in making high-level expectations become reality through project management of your team.  This may be a short-term endeavor or a broader company challenge for growth. The Aspectx philosophy is to offer an alternative view when desired, and chart out what comes next, working through policies, processes, and guidelines you can implement in the next activity cycle.

We Love Being a Part of Your Team

Treat us like family.  We are here to assist where you need it most, when you need it most.  Projects are based on building collaboration, managing relationships, doing risk assessment, and stepping forward into the spaces of trust and excellence.  We are ready with more than 30 years of experience to tap our outside circles of influence, organize and delegate to your teams and be a member of the C-Suite in your company when it is time to march forward.

We can create structure or we can work within your structures. We are flexible and will offer insight to build on knowledge sharing, and project planning.


How-to training and specialty small group participation in learning a skill or a tactic can be meaningful in formulating communication strategies.  Your team may have the capability to do capacity-building once they understand the moving components to success.  We can train you in digital approaches that guide you with best practices, case studies, and current trends. 

We Love Sharing Knowledge in Our Consulting Packages

Our strengths in understanding all manner of communications from media training to channel development to public relations and targeting demographics can make your day easier.

In informative, fun one-to-one sessions, we can also shed light on just what are the steps in communications that can work best for you, considering your industry, your demographics, your corporate history, and current team members.  Trainings can occur regarding digital media from search to be more effective in your competitive intelligence, to search engine optimization, to account-based marketing to technology overviews for the C-Suite on topics that are impacting you companywide like cyber security planning.