February 28, 2017

Public Relations

Public Relations Man Being Interviewed

General Public Relations

Defining Public Relations

What is public relations, and why is it so important?

Types of Public Relations

What types of public relations are there?

Successful Campaign Characteristics

What makes a successful public relations campaign?

How Aspectx Works For You

How does Aspectx help make my PR campaign a success?

Multi-Channel Digital Engagement


Social media has become integrated into all aspects of communications, from marketing to public relations to self-promotion. Aspectx team members design social media programs that generate leads, provide customer service, educate, entertain and provide knowledge.

The mediums are evolving from blogging, to podcasts, to fan pages inside social networking sites.

Blog Setup and Participation

Aspectx can assist in providing team leadership to your company blogging, internally or externally as a subject matter expert. We can assist in organization of the blog, developing resource pages, and all the components that make a blog successful, from search engine optimization to tags, to relevant content recommendations, and actual writing.

Podcasts, Corporate Videos, Webinars, Video Testimonials

Our team has expertise in determining what will work in your next campaign, and executing on that vision. Each circumstance requires different approaches. Audio and video depictions and representations that tell a story are increasingly compelling and desirable to your target audiences.

Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Beyond

The burgeoning social networking sites increase by the hundreds each month and your business or corporation must determine where the value lies and how to capitalize on that value. Aspectx is here to assist in those determinations based on standards in your industry, best practices, and an understanding of technology trends.

Mobile Applications

Increasingly, mobile applications, texting, couponing, and other forms of instant mobile access are important to your business day. Your company will work with Aspectx to determine the warranted type of outreach and what will provide the impressions you seek.