April 28, 2017

Grant Writing

Grant Writing and Public Relations

You've got the ideas, but sometimes you need another team member.  Grant writing takes deep patience and high-productivity under deadline-pressure.  We've worked with non-profits, startups, and other not-for-profit organizations, in establishing narratives that can inform your concepts.  With more than 30 years experience, our president Dawn Yankeelov has been a part of collaborative partnership teams that consistently take ground and win the dollars to push initiatives for the community forward.  As a tech council leader, she has written and partnered on numerous grants and understands what it takes to move the grant documentation to completion.

Grant writing requires clarity and mission-driven responses.  And when time is of the essence, bringing in an expert makes sense.  Our winning track record assists in tech and healthcare circles especially where workforce development, education, aging care, and other growth pattern language demands a player with thought leadership in crafting words that guide planning.


Foundational research by Aspectx

The winning grant has roots in understanding a best practice direction and appropriate public outreach planning in areas that are critical to city, state and federal infrastructures for industry and individuals.  The Aspectx approach begins with solid research to line up the right plan for the right time in history to strategize for meaningful outcomes.