February 17, 2017



While whole categories of careers are both being eliminated in some cases, and added in others, the focus goes to how today's small businesses and corporations like yours can find its workforce.  And, the baseline is new education.  Doing the same things over and over remains the definition of insanity.  K-12 children are your next generation of new hires, and if they have no foundational knowledge in new tech sectors, then many jobs will not be filled.  In fact, across all states, you can see the unfilled cybersecurity jobs tracked here

While marketing and communications to grow your business are the obvious first steps to getting the word out about what you do, it is the future generations that matter as building blocks.

At Aspectx, we participate heavily in STEAM conversations and actionable items in our region, our country, and world forums.  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) are a space to present your thought leadership as well as ours.  

Through our local tech council, many corporate partnerships and diversity circles, the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky, Aspectx has supported and grown these programs:

Cyber Camps

These courses are designed for middle and high schoolers with a foundation in robotics, programming, and electricity leading to an interest in careers in cybersecurity and advanced manufacturing.  For more information, visit your local tech council website.

Rad Science Skateboard Builds

This engineering curricula allows for a complete skateboard build.  For more information, visit your local tech council website.