February 17, 2017

Tech Council Leadership


Aspectx management have long been supporters of industry-specific organizations participating on national boards including the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) to regional participation in groups that include the Greater Louisville Health Enterprise Network.  In the last decade, the roar of technology leaps in the corporate realm has once again called for our immediate participation in our area tech council and the Tech Councils of America.  From networking, to knowledge management, to debate and discuss forums, to education to events and advocacy, our key leader Dawn Yankeelov calls for participation, now leading TALK, the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky. 

We encourage you to get involved in your trade organizations where you can have a voice.  We will build this into your digital engagement and long-term communications.  Why shouldn't your company have a say in how the world generates its legacies?  If patent reform and tax reform make a lasting difference to your population of employees and clientele, then we encourage you to get involved.  While international issues may seem to be someone else's issue, it may be wise to keep abreast of how American values are shaping your business trade.

At Aspectx, we can guide you with appropriate business strategy and competitive intelligence as well as assist in setting your guidelines for digital engagement.  We look to give you perspectives, and key facts for your decisions around technology and digital media through our blog and our thought leadership communication channels.

See some of our sponsorship that assists you in civic engagement representation that influences your reputation management online and in the real world.  Combat "fake" news by taking action when it matters most. 

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