February 28, 2017

Public Policy

Aspectx works with local, regional and federal government in the United States as well as industry leaders to drive outcomes in the areas of public policy and advocacy.  As the digital transformation moves industry leaders to affect change management and provide defined actions for standards and guidelines that lead steps toward corporate governance and guidance, Aspectx participates.

We are able to assist you in stepping forward in your agendas to affect industry vision and participate in messaging that works to achieve results in circles of influence and interest.  Whether the Washington, DC corridor is your target for information-sharing and capacity-building, or you are looking to bringing together disparate industry groups, we are here to organize and inform a political process.

We understand the issues of workforce development, job creation, education and other technology issues shaping our future.  Allow us to inform, educate, and assist in action where you value it most as a citizen and a corporation.