February 28, 2017

Web Technologies

Finding the Right Web Technologies

A digital profile online may determine your profitability with various clients in your channel management, and most certainly affects your reputation and visibility.  At Aspectx, we spend time determining what digital footprint will leverage your positioning and assist your company’s return on investment.  Taking stock of your digital connections, and web strategy may involve a number of different players in your organization, but the time spent remains a wise investment in your future.


Private sector demand remains very high for understanding the cybersecurity landscape, and Aspectx has partnered with key companies that can assist in you making the right moves when it counts.  While highly-skilled internal employees may not understand threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment, your partner experts at Aspectx will assess, evaluate, and recommend what is needed.   Cybersecurity requires foresight, and measuring what may make the difference in protecting your digital assets.  Lean on the side of caution ad allow us to provide strategies that can prove invaluable, whether or not you’ve been a victim of hacking or ransomware.  Today requires us to creat, interact and manipulate all types of information.  Let Aspectx determine your next steps.

“Boards often want a lot more business-relevant reporting than CISOs provide, a Focal Point Data Risk study shows.” – Dark Reading, April 18, 2017

Application Development

The mobile device continues to grow in importance because of its accessibility 24/7, so making sure that your most important data is being delivered to the right audiences on a schedule that is meaningful may call for mobile application development.  Whether you seek a business-to-business approach, or are looking to invite others to collaborations designed for rewards and perks in a consumer-facing solution, Aspectx has the team to make the technical specifications deliverable.

Website Design

At Aspectx, we are conscious of your budget, and the trends that bring us to where we are today in web development.  A responsive minimalist design for reaching your channels should be a baseline requirement.  Making sure your imagery matches the messaging creates the structure and style that wins the day.  Using tools that track, and landing pages that drive traffic demand an understanding of the key targets under consideration.  Digital product design investigates monetary methods that will entice and offer your company the best value.  Scalable solutions remain the most effective in the end.  Let the Aspectx team develop a wireframe that meets your goals, and encompasses the best branding and allows for content to really be clearly presented. We ensure solid cooperation between designers, developers and content writers, so the finished online version satisfies your requirements.


SEO and SEM both position your company where you need to navigate on the web.  Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.  Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the ways in which you can insure visibility of your website and its content on search engines.  The tools and tactics available should be selected on based on your needs and what you are trying to accomplish within a budget that is meaningful for this type of purchase.  At Aspectx, we can review the options and tactics we believe will make a difference for your effective outreach.