February 17, 2017



Aspectx recognizes that cybersecurity remains a bi-partisan issue and no one can say it has no impact.  If you have a cell phone, do anything online, or are active in the operations of a business on any level, this conversation remains a critical weighing factor in next steps forward.

Our Aspectx team will be able to inform you via webinars, private seminars, and special events on subjects to pertaining to the health of your business, including cybersecurity next steps.

We began our exploration into this topic more broadly in 2017.

This is an on-demand webinar from January 2017 in partnership with BSG Financial Group.

Security Awareness & Vulnerability Assessment Seminar in partnership with Patch Advisor and ATAATA.

This file is a 72MB audio podcast from February 2017.

Aspectx also provides you the slides for viewing here from:

Shaping Your Future in Banking Cybersecurity

To capture "big picture" overview information, take a look at what Kentucky has done as an example of action steps to pursue in your area.

Louisville: Cyber sector contender--Tech developments Could Make Louisville One of America’s Emerging Digital Cities

Prioritizing Cybersecurity:  Growing sophistication of cyber attacks requires defense and employee training

Aspectx recognizes the importance of training the next workforce generation as well.  The biggest step was our support of Kentucky's adoption of the Cybersecurity pathway.

Kentucky second state to adopt Cyber Engineering Pathway for school districts--Cybersecurity field pays about $116,000

Let Aspectx introduce you to our partners in cybersecurity:

Patch Advisor for vulnerability assessment.

ATAATA for security awareness training.

We will schedule for you with these partners at your request for an informal 30-minute briefing to assist you in your decision-making in this key area.