February 17, 2017

Thought Leadership


Thought Leadership showcases expertise and knowledge that can be actionable to those listening.  At Aspectx, the goal of speaking out often is to provide guidance and build trust with key audiences who can make a difference in industries experiencing growth, undergoing change or fine-tuning the vision of a collective future.

For many years, Aspectx has provided competitive intelligence, analysis and recommendations to growth companies with an emphasis in technology, and healthcare industries.

We know acknowledge that change remains the only constant, and will alert you regarding what the "hot" topics of the day are that influence your business productivity, efficiencies and cycles of prosperity.

Areas of Impact Cited As Critical by Aspectx Team Members

At present, we see that cybersecurity conversations throughout the globe has impacted every business in ways that were not immediately obvious even a decade ago.  At Aspectx, through our commitment to the principles of outreach and education, we look to assist you in having knowledge that can and will assist you in your business strategy and planning.

Our founder and president, Dawn Marie Yankeelov, leads one of 50+ tech councils in the United States and Canada for the Kentucky market because of her dedication to social justice, education for all ages, and perseverance in making a difference in your business life wherever you may be in the world and in your political views.  As the leader of TALK, the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky, and a member of TECNA, the Tech Councils of America, she assists in making sure your voice is heard in the United States, Canada and other international tech platforms.

The space of education, from K-12 to universities and colleges to adult workforce development speak to the ever-changing paradigm of what we call "work."  At the root of solid education remains leadership and direction to understand today's economic development and business growth through a lens that recognizes the next generation always has a say in what comes next.  Aspectx supports STEAM -- Science, Technology, Education, Art and Math--through its sponsorship of worthy ventures in our communities of interest.  We invite you, as a corporation or small business, and an individual to be active in this conversation in your areas of influence.

As the debate about a "perfect" healthcare plan rages on in every city across the globe, we will recognize the players of interest in our thought leadership steps.  To be informed of the latest developments in healthcare IT and medical devices, wearables, and mobile applications that track and focus on your individual needs is to have power for your decision-making in your business and your home.

Technology continues to influence every working population, and Aspectx will bring you insight and perspectives on where to find useful information, including energy and sustainability, the Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence developments.