Addressing Mobility, HealtheReports Unveils New Pricing Transparency Application for the iPhone

(Lexington, KY) – Jan. 29, 2012 – IF Technologies unveils its new mobile application for HealtheReports this week, available on the iPhone at the 2012 AAPPO Annual Forum. The application will be used by members of health plans served by IF Technologies to compare pricing of medical procedures among providers and access provider feedback from other members. These are some of the same familiar features already utilized by members through the browser version of HealtheReports.

We have seen firsthand the potential savings opportunity for our employers and their employees in using IF Technologies HealtheReports. We are excited about the launch of the HealtheReports mobile application. Today, people keep their phones readily available and depend on them to access information on any number of topics. Now, our members can use their phone to access information specific to their health plan,” said Kathryn Showalter, Sr. Vice President at MedCost. The company is the largest independent PPO network in the Carolinas.

“With members now being required to pay a larger portion of their healthcare costs out of their pocket, they are seeking ways of comparing prices among providers by medical procedure. Our app not only provides members with the information they want, but provides it in a convenient format that consumers expect today. And with our mobile app the information is accessible anywhere including in the physicians office,” said IF Technologies CEO Jim Freedman. We plan to have an android version out this year as well,” Freedman said. HealtheReports mobile is another way our members can reduce their out of pocket costs as well as lower the claims costs of their health plan,” Showalter added.

At IF Technologies we have developed the proprietary analytics and transparency platform to transform the complexities of the US health system into actionable information by consumers,” said Mike Issac, President of IF Technologies. The demand for healthcare pricing transparency is causing information that has traditionally been inaccessible to be released and utilized by plan members. With a 300%+ price variance among in network providers on many procedures, our mobile application empowers members to identify significant savings opportunities,” Issacs continued.

About IF Technologies

IF Technologies provides healthcare transparency information based on next generation analytics through their software as a service solution available to insurers, preferred provider organizations, self-insured employer plans, and their members. The company, based in Lexington, KY, offers a premier product called HealtheReports via the web, as a health care quality and cost analysis solution which empowers consumers to engage in the process of reducing healthcare costs. For a demo, or to learn more, go to