Aspectx – “The Worm at Home: An Annmarie Campbell Retrospective”


“The Worm at Home: An Annmarie Campbell Retrospective”
August 18 November 3, 2007 , Bernheim Gallery in the Old Visitor Center
Opening public reception and Dedication of Zen Garden October 13, 2007 1-4pm Education Center

(Louisville, Ky.)Deceased artist Annmarie Campbell, daughter of Dawn Marie Yankeelov, enjoyed
many visits to Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Bulllitt County, Ky., and other moments
of nature with her mother and sister studying nature from the flowers to the insects.

Her creative imagination applied during the last few years indicates her sympathy for life as a
worm, depicting human-like emotions and tendencies.

The matters of perspective and perception play in Annmarie Campbells works, as well as other
elements of landscapes, animals, and worlds of the sky. Visit the Zen Garden, her memorial area,
off the Lake Nevin Trail Extension, and take a moment to breath and enjoy the artistic birdhouses
done in her name. for maps of all memorials there, including Annmarie Campbells.

Within Bernheims 14,000 acres you will find a nationally-recognized arboretum, beautiful gardens,
tranquil lakes, a nature center, large expanses of scenic natural area, 30 miles of hiking trails
and a 12,000-acre research forest. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, hike, bike, bring the family to the
Visitors Center or just come out to enjoy the ever changing display of natural splendor.

Donations can be made for the maintenance and upkeep of the Lake Nevin Trail Extension where
Annmaries Zen Garden resides in Annmarie Campbells memory to:

Bernheim, P.O. Box 130, Clermont, KY 40110-0130 .

To support the Annmarie Campbell Art Student Scholarship at Murray State University in Murray ,
Kentucky, contact Jennie Rottinghaus (877-282-0033) at the University or send a donation to:

Annmarie Campbell Scholarship
MSU Development Center Office 106
Murray, KY 42071.

Funds are being raised to have the scholarship reach endowment at $25,000, so that it may be
awarded annually.

Annmarie Campbell graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in December

Annmarie Campbell Art Student Scholarship guidelines for Fall 2008 awards at Murray State
University :

1. The scholarship goes to a junior or senior female art student attending the institution.
They can receive the award in their junior year and reapply for senior year.
2. The student must submit at least 10 electronic photo or art images in email or printed
pictures of any type of art for review by 2 art professors for a final selection. Two Murray
art professors will be selected to review these each award period.
3. The student must have a 3.0 GPA and maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible to receive
the award again.

Please read the tribute available on And, view Annmaries personal
blog at; and Dawn Yankeelov, Annmaries mother,
is also involved in the establishment of a new venture entitled Gallery Lomenta, coming soon in
the online art community 2008.

Dawn Marie Yankeelov, ASPectx
PR Consultant